And Then There Were None by Eric Frank Russell

and_then_there_were_noneEric Frank Russell‘s novella “And Then There Were None” is a story ancaps are sure to find entertaining.

In the distant future when space travel is the norm, Earth sends a diplomatic spaceship to a planet that has been out of contact for 300 years. But they do not get the warm welcome they are expecting.

It can be read here, or found in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Click here for Goodreads. Read on for the rest of the review.

Spoilers below.

When the government ship lands on the planet, they soon find that nobody respects their authority. The inhabitants ignore them. Military men are sent out to try to understand the world, only to find that the planet has developed into an libertarian anarchy. The culture clash between the rigid state agents and the peaceful anarchists leads to hilarious situations and conversations.

Ancaps may be a little put-off by the fact that the society does not use money, but instead relies on an informal system of “obs” or obligations. While not really practical, it is still amusing to see the idea of a money-less anarchy fleshed out in a capitalist way.

Some ancaps may also not like that the inhabitants are pacifists. However, the pacifism fits in with the planet’s culture. It is also a decent strategy given that the planet does not use money, and so cannot produce advanced technology and weapons to protect themselves from foreign invaders.

So even if the inhabitants are not living the anarcho-capitalist dream of ever-increasing wealth and technology, they are at least abiding by the non-aggression principle. If they want to live in a society without money, who are we to complain? That’s freedom, isn’t it?

A fun story of a successful libertarian society, with plenty of satire about the state. Five Murrays.

1_grumpy_murray_75 2_concerned_murray_75 3_content_murray_75 4_smiling_murray_75 5_happy_murray_75

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