Julian Lincoln Simon

Julian L. Simon was an economist who showed how capitalism and population growth have been hugely beneficial for the standard of living of people all over the world. His book The Ultimate Resource is highly recommended for all anarcho-capitalists. For those who have not read it and would like to hear the main ideas from the man himself, check out the following video interview:

For a more detailed introduction see:

1 thought on “Julian Lincoln Simon

  1. Alan Cassidy

    What’s witt the horns? It’s a distraction, makes it harder to listen to. Especially for Christians like itself, who are total 100 percent state haters, anarcho-capitalists, Bible believers from the 6-day creation in Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation.

    Christians, more so than others, have a notable 2,000 year history of resisting the state, and have arguably received the most persecution for it, which is why Jesus Christ said we would be “hated of all nations for my name’s sake”.

    I read Atlas Shrugged, which in spite of exposing the thuggery of states and “equality” polítics, shows that the author hates God (of the Bible) even more than she does thd state.

    “By their fruits ye shall know them”. Your actions speak founder than words. The horns belong on representations of Satanists like Karl Marx, Luciferians like the charactersdriving the Secret Societies and Deep States.

    And prophecy believers saw the globalist tyrants coming with their enforcer chip, a “mark” embedded un the right hand or the forehead requier to buy or sell. And their making merchandise of the souls of men.

    Last word: Dave Berry recognized in print once, I read the column, that some rock songs sold had message recorded backwards, but then said maybe somebody just :wanted to see them evangelicals jump like frogs”. Maybe you thought it would be funny to get a reaction like mine. Most Christians are indeed gullible, useful idiots, but I’d say the evidence is clear now that the most “willfully ignorant” of rationality and freedom, are the Christ haters now loiotng, burning, beating the innocent, across this continent sea to sea.

    Last laugh is from the Creator (Psalm 2). You might be an “anti-antichrist”, and resist the Beast’s mark, whether it be Bill Gates’ chip hidden in his vaccines, or the DNA altering vaccine itself. But my Dad in the 1960s saw this coming, before your “members” were written in God’s DNA book, when you were conceived.

    By the way, anybody talking the :mairk of the beast” when it comes around, is going to get a :ggrevious sore” that will torture them, per Revelation.


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