Murray Rothbard


Murray Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard was the 20th century economist and philosopher who founded modern libertarianism. He set the standard for libertarian ethics by advocating a radical free-market anarchism that improved upon the older notion that the freest society possible is a mostly-free market combined with some form of limited-government. Scrapping the indefensible minarchist position allowed him to develop a powerful and consistent model of libertarian ethics.

His embrace of anarchy also gave him an enormous advantage in other fields. In developing economics he was able to extend Austrian Economics, the most scientifically sound school of economics, because he was not burdened with trying to bend reality to justify the state. For his historical writings, he was able to see more clearly who the heroes and villains of particular time periods were.

With a clear view of history, economics, and ethics, Rothbard produced a world view that continues to be both the most accurate model of reality and the most inspirational possibility for the future of mankind.

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