The Weapon Shop by A. E. van Vogt

the_weapon_shopA member of both the Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol. 1 and the Prometheus Award Hall of Fame, The Weapon Shop is short story that anarcho-capitalists will love.

Though it was published in 1942, the sci-fi aspects of the story have aged very well. More importantly, the libertarian themes continue to be strong and relevant, even though libertarianism itself has evolved over the same period from classical liberalism, to minarchism, to anarcho-capitalism.

You can read the short story here (epub, mobi), though the audible version is recommended if you like audio books.

Spoilers below.

The Weapon Shop explores ideas that ancaps are still thinking about today, 75 years later. The importance of owning weapons, indoctrination by government schools, corporatism, government controlled media, and more.

Most surprising, though, is that the story involves a private company that provides police and court services in open defiance of the government. Sci-fi technology makes this possible, but it is the character development and dialog that make this short story an entertaining perspective on the libertarian struggle for freedom.

A tale of libertarian resistance with anarcho-capitalist flavor. Five Murrays.

1_grumpy_murray 2_concerned_murray young_murray 4_smiling_murray murray

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