Package Forwarding

shoppingPicture this. You find something you would like to buy online. You try to place the order, but the retailer informs you that they cannot ship the item to your address. Why? The local government banned that item and won’t let them send it to your home. What can an libertarian do?

Leave it to the free market to find a solution. Package forwarding services let you ship a package to one their warehouses located in places where the government has not banned the item you would like. Once the package arrives, they will then ship it directly to you. They don’t know what is in the package and, frankly, they don’t want to know. You get your package, they get a handling fee, and everyone is happy.

Well, everyone but the politicians and bureaucrats who decided that thing you wanted should be illegal. What kind of things? Comically, you can’t buy toy guns in Chicago or Los Angeles. On a more somber note, you can’t buy self defense tools like stun-guns in New York City. Thank government for keeping kids safe from fun and rapists safe from women who might otherwise electrocute them.

On the other hand, if you decide to not be a law-abiding citizen and purchase a toy for your niece or nephew in a toy-gun-free-zone, here are some companies that can help you ignore bad laws:


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