Who are the great ancaps?

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Walter Block mentions in a blog post on LewRockwell.com that he takes issue with our review of the book Justice. Specifically, this sentence:

Michael J. Sandel‘s book Justice, is a worthwhile read for anarcho-capitalists who have already read the greats in their own tradition: Murray Rothbard, David Friedman, etc., and are ready to hone their thinking by exploring some different viewpoints.

Block says:

Oy vey. I hardly think that David Friedman deserves such praise. Yes, he is a libertarian, and an anarchist, but this is what Murray has written about him

and suggests:

how about, writing this instead, “the greats in their own tradition: Murray Rothbard, Hans Hoppe,”

A healthy amount of internal policing within libertarianism is a good thing. We don’t want people to obscure the message by promoting outdated or incorrect ideas. But Friedman presents a solid case for anarcho-capitalism in his book Machinery of Freedom, and many people have become ancaps because of it. His views many not be perfect, but whose are?

That said, Hans Hoppe is also great and we have updated the post to include him. Apologies to some of the other great ancaps who were not included: Lew Rockwell, Stephan Kinsella, Michael Huemer, Michael Malice, and, of course, Walter Block.

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