The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Shield of the Ludwig von Mises Crest

Shield of the Ludwig von Mises Crest

The Ludwig von Mises Institute is an organization that promotes Austrian Economics and libertarian political philosophy. It has produced an incredible amount of educational literature, media, events and programs.

Founded by Lew Rockwell in 1982, it has been heavily focused on academia, trying to produce economic scholars of the Austrian tradition, who could then influence students, journals, and the political landscape. To this end it provides research grants, fellowships, academic awards and academic conferences.

One particularly promising conference is the annual Mises University. It is a one week immersive program in Austrian Economics that is not just an accelerated economics course, but also ties in libertarian ethics and revisionist history. This conference brings together bright young minds in an environment where they can learn from and debate with experts in various fields. The Mises Institute hosts many other events aimed at students on its beautiful campus in Auburn, Alabama.

Finally, is the website for the Mises Institute, where visitors can find a plethora of free literature, audio and video media covering a wide variety of subjects. There one can also find and interact with other supporters.

The Mises Institute produces too many programs and resources to fully cover here.  Needless to say, they have created an organization the has both a radically pure philosophy and a strong network of supporters. This will ensure that institute’s positive impact on the world will continue to be enormous.

Rating: Five Murrays

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